The Neon Ambience are Producer, Engineer and 7Core Music director Trevor Michael and Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Elim Sound and 7Core Music artist Ian Yates.

They describe what they do as sonic landscapes, moods and atmospheres set to music.

While working together, on Ians Good News album in early 2012, the idea began to form for a different type of project and The Neon Ambience was born. They deliver their own brand of contemporary ambient music. Influences include Sigur Ros, Jonsi and Alex, Radiohead (Kid A) and Brian Eno.


He (b)rought me to His (b)anqueting house and His (b)anner

over me is love.

Song of Solomon 2:4

B - Following the success of the debut album A, comes B. A was described as a fascinating project, receiving great reviews, a main feature in Spring Harvest’s The Rebels guide to the Good News series, and was included in the 5 indie projects you need to hear on Americas UPTV.

B is 52 minutes of new textures, atmospheres and moods aiming to take the listener deeper and into more intimate moments.


Album Promo

Under the (a)pple tree, I (a)wakened you.

Song of Solomon 8:5

A - is a 50-minute instrumental album. Its the first of three albums to be released in 2013 from The Neon Ambience, made up of electronic, acoustic and ambient sounds. Its the perfect music for reflection, soaking and devotion. It can be used in times of prayer, meditation and relaxation.